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Ki4Change offers you the opportunity to make positive changes in your life


We are energy beings, living in a world made up entirely of energy, continuously flowing and vibrating at various frequencies. If we are to enjoy complete wellbeing our energy needs to flow freely, however, negative emotions and thinking can cause blocks in our energy field and as a result imbalances can occur and our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health can be adversely affected.


Ki4change is about releasing blocks and restoring balance on all levels of your being, empowering you to unlock your highest potential and enabling you to flow in complete synchronicity with life.


Distance Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing techniques assist in improving and aligning your energy flow, helping you resolve health concerns, overcome emotional and psychological issues and imbalances, connect with your higher self and successfully manage the events in your life. Through clearing blocks and aligning yourself you allow your body, mind and spirit to work in harmony enabling you to fulfill your dreams and realize your full potential.





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